Vogmask on the runway: Hong Kong Fashion Week June 27 2014

Vogmask Series 4 will arrive January 20th December 27 2013

11 great new styles and the return of Higgs Field, available in all sizes.

The Atlantic newswire hails Vogmask November 23 2013

The day we've all been waiting for has finally arrived: designer pollution masks are hitting the streets of urban China. Battle pollution in style with one of these babies, coming in a range of colors and patterns and fitted with the latest filtration technology. Just what you need to keep it classy during Airpocalypse Shanghai....

First Vogmask retail stores in China November 20 2013

Just in time for 25 new styles of Vogmask arriving beginning of December, Beijing based China Distributor of Vogmask, is opening the first Vogmask retail locations. 

Kids' and Adult Vogmasks well received in China for air pollution November 11 2013

Designer Anti-Pollution Facemasks Hit The Market in China
Vogmask in Vogue for Babies, Teens and Adults as Winter Pollution Descends


BEIJING - An American company has launched a fashion focused anti-pollution facemask in China that is taking the country by storm. 
As choking pollution engulfs much of China for the second winter in a row, innovative new products are meeting the needs of image conscious consumers. As “his and her” t-shirts, tiny dogs with clothes-on and expensive coffee become the rage - now custom branded facemasks have become a common sight on the trendy streets of Beijing, Shanghai and other cities.


As coal-burning incinerators are turned on for the winter and ‘pollution season’ begins, many people are demanding high-preforming pollution protection, but want to fit-in with their increasingly fashion-minded friends and colleagues. Eliza Chen, a 27 year-old PR Manager from Shanghai said “I was looking for something that filters air well, but doesn’t make me look like Darth Vador’s wife. There was nothing that looked good that had also been lab tested till Vogmask came. Now I wear their mask whenever the AQI is over 150.”


The United Nations recently re-classified air pollution as a Group 1 carcinogen, citing it as a leading cause of cancer globally, similar to second hand cigarette smoke. “All our staff were complaining about air pollution, and several asked for reassignment to Hong Kong or Singapore” says Shirley Yang, the HR Director for Godolphin, a Beijing based paper printer “We got air purifiers for the office and gave all of our staff a branded facemask with our company logo on from Vogmask. Now people feel less worried and staff satisfaction levels have increased.”
Vogmask are working with several schools on designing a custom branded mask with their school logo, helping the students to feel ‘part of the crowd’. The Director for Vogmask China, Christopher Dobbing, says “I noticed last year that many children were choking from the smog here and starting to get ill. Parents wanted a mask that could fuse fashion and function – so we made a brandable mask that filters 99.978% of tiny pollution particles that is suitable for babies, children and adults.”


Vogmask recently partnered with a street fashion brand Plastered 8, famous for their sometimes-controversial t-shirt designs. “We are really excited that we can get our patterns on a mask” Says Dominic Johnson-Hill, Creative Director at Plastered 8 “a lot of my customers want protection from the air pollution, so it’s great to see them wearing my designs on an anti-pollution facemask”.


Vogmask is priced between 180-225 RMB retail, and is available on their website as well as in hospitals, school and stores through China.
Christopher Dobbing
Director, Vogmask China

Vogmask Series II has arrived July 18 2013

After months of development, testing and production the new Vogmasks have finally hit the market. We are proud to offer new organics and N95s that feature an improved design, new patterns, filters which exceed N95 and N99 standards and carbon filtration. We are also excited to offer new sizes for every age and size. We even have masks for babies!