Does your mask feel good, look good, and protect?

March 18, 2021

Does your mask feel good, look good, and protect?


Does your mask feel good, look good, and protect?


These important features help Vogmask reduce the most risk of exposure to microscopic particles.


FEEL GOOD: COMFORT AND FIT are key to safety in mask wearing. 
To successfully wear a mask, the materials must be safe for respirators.  This is established with data on textiles, filter media, inks and dyes, and packaging. Material components are specified in Quality Plan and supported with Technical File.

Vogmask is designed to facilitate correct positioning on the face and remain in place. Fit Testing on sample test subjects tests leakage under normal activities. Manufacturer should always supply correct donning, doffing, and noseband instructions.  There should be no restriction of the user's field of vision when wearing the mask.

The mask should fit well to provide a good seal around the nose and mouth.  This is why Vogmask is offered in 5 sizes to provide a good fit on a wide variety of facial shapes and dimensions. Product support helps customer determine correct size.  Practical performance testing on test subjects determines leakage under normal activities. Adequate adjustment options include adjustable noseband and optional head strap accessory. 

Easy breathing is established by inhalation and exhalation resistance tests to confirm safety.  Comfort and fit are important factors in willingness to wear a mask.

The aesthetics of the product appearance play an important role. Vogmask is offered in several designs and colors.  There are two Product Families:  VMC is a four-layer mask with printed outer layer, carbon filter, VM highly efficient particle filter, and protective inner layer.  Organic VM is a three-layer mask with GOTS certified organic cotton outer and inner layer, and features VM highly efficient particle filter in middle layer of the mask. Style encourages compliance in mask wearing. 

Vogmask routinely submits to 3rd Party Testing at FDA Certified laboratories to confirm filtering of microscopic particles and conformance to standards of filtering face masks. These tests include NaCl Particle Filtering Efficiency at mass mean diameter .3-microns and Inhalation and Exhalation Resistance Testing.
THANK YOU: Established in 2011, Vogmask is a San Francisco headquartered, customer driven organization; dedicated and committed to providing high quality reusable consumer respiratory protection by assuring performance, comfort, reliability, safety and value.
Shipping is from Fulfillment Center in Gilroy, California and through Amazon FBA.

Vogmask is manufactured in ISO Certified Sewing Plant in Seoul, Korea.

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