I have to say that I am impressed with how fast I received my item.  Further, I used the mask for part of my trip to work ( I cycle to work), and it worked fabulously.  I could not smell any vehicle fumes and my lungs feel great at work.  I notice a huge difference.  The majority of my ride is through a provincial park, but getting closer to my office, there is a stretch of road with busy traffic.   Thank you -LG


So we bought two of your Vogmasks and just used them at Burning Man. One of the days was a full white-out almost the whole day and your product worked flawlessly. Excellent, worth every penny. Thank you.

~ Mark


I want to let you know how very much I like the mask I recently bought from Vogmask.  I bought it to use when I go to conventions but recently tried it just to test how well it would do.  The verdict?  It is wonderful! 


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful product.




"I never thought I'd wear a mask, but now that I have one, I can't imagine living without it."   - Julie Charron, Mother, Santa Cruz, California

"I feel much less anxious riding the subway when I'm wearing my mask. I'm not sure if it's because I'm protecting myself or because I feel like I can hide and no one can see me."   - Naomi Bayer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Community Partners, New York City, New York

"Why would I want to breathe all that dust when I take out the garbage?"   - Mark Quinn, Professional Drummer, Los Angeles, California

"Cleaning out the chicken coop will never be the same. I'm so relieved."   - Sarah Russell, Professional Baker and Mother, Santa Cruz, California

"I work in a bakery. I used to avoid some tasks like pouring flour because breathing so many particles, even of organic flour, made me get inflamed. Now I just put on my mask and there's no problem."    - Shintaro Hato, Organic Baker, Santa Cruz, California

"I was snowboarding in British Columbia and it was very cold. I didn't have enough layers but I found my vogmask in my pocket and put it on. It was my most important layer and made me feel so much warmer."   - Victor Meshberg, Developer,  New York City, New York

"I was flying home from New York and I had to sit right in front of someone who kept coughing and sneezing. It made me feel better to wear my vogmask and I didn't get sick over the winter holiday."   - Daniel Siden, Designer, London, England

"I have been wearing a mask for many years.  I wear a mask while I am gardening or working on a car.  Vogmask is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn.  Also the ear loops are durable so I can reuse it over and over again."  - Jay Finkelstein, Teacher, Mechanic, Lodi, California

"I just wanted to take a few minutes and say that I really like the masks that y'all make. I have pollen allergies to the point where I get sinuses that flip flop back and fourth between congestion and post nasal drip, constant sneezing and coughing, and the occasional nosebleed. Not to mention that I hate taking allergy medication because I don't know how I will react to it. Even the "non-drowsy" stuff can make me drowsy. If it doesn't, it feels like my chest is going to explode like the Chestbuster scene from Alien. I decided to try a mask on a whim and it really has helped. I bought a cotton mask and a microfiber mask. Y'all's masks feel so comfortable that I actually enjoy wearing one. Personally, I use y'all's mask in addition to nasal irrigation and they help so much. Anytime outside, I would sneeze my head off. Now, I don't do any of that at all. Thanks for helping to increase a niche market that has needed it for quite some time."  -Blake in North Carolina