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Allergens in the air come in many different forms. Pollen outside can rise and fall depending on the season, and indoor allergens like dust and mold can lurk in buildings for extended periods of time. Inhaling pollen and these particles can harm your body, and even flare up conditions such as asthma. Whether indoor or outdoor, seasonal or constant, masks can protect your lungs from inhaling these particles and protect you from allergens.

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Can Allergies Affect Your Lungs?

Most side effects that come from allergies are temporary and minor - runny nose, sore throat, coughing, watery eyes, etc. Allergies affect the body because your immune system is recognizing and reacting to the allergen, and then creating antibodies as a result.

Especially in people who also have asthma, allergies can affect the lungs in a more long-term manner. In a very small percentage of people with allergies, permanent lung damage can occur. The primary way we come into contact with these allergens is through breathing, so it is important to protect your lungs when possible. Wearing a mask with a good seal around the nose and mouth, proper fit, and efficient filtering capabilities is a great way to protect your lungs and respiratory system.

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Does Wearing a Mask Help with Allergies?

Wearing a properly fitting and filtering mask does help people with allergies. Because the allergen particles are being filtered by the mask, they are prevented from entering the lungs.

Allergens in the air vary depending on the plant/animal life in the area, whether you are indoors or outdoors, and other factors. If you know you have allergies and are traveling, packing a mask to block those new allergens from entering your lungs is a simple protective measure. Depending on your location and its season, your allergies could be worse than you are used to.

Additionally, seasonal and pollen allergies are currently on the rise. As a result of climate change, temperatures are rising across the globe, thus causing longer allergy seasons. The longer allergy season lasts, the more chances there are for allergy and asthma attacks. Using Vogmasks can help protect your lungs from allergy season, but also reduce your carbon footprint by preventing the waste of one-time disposable face masks.

Apart from protecting your lungs, wearing a mask can be so effective against allergens that many people do not need to take allergy medication in certain instances. When mowing the lawn, gardening, or doing other outdoor activities, the allergen particles from those activities are large enough to be blocked by face masks. When wearing an effective mask, there could be no need for medication depending on how severe your allergies are.

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Do Vogmasks Help With Asthma?

Yes, Vogmasks can help people with asthma by helping to prevent asthma attacks induced by inhaling particles. Because Vogmasks function with over 95% filtering efficiency of sub-micron particles, many particles are filtered out with a proper seal and good fit around the nose and mouth.

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What is the Best Mask for Allergies?

The best mask for allergies is one that fits properly and can efficiently filter microscopic particles from entering your lungs. One primary benefit of mask use is helping to intercept airborne allergens. Pollen particles entering the respiratory system often measure from 3 microns to 100 microns. We are currently experiencing an increase in sensitivity to allergens.

Wearing Vogmask is a noninvasive way to protect your lungs from inhalation of allergens when the pollen count is high and in environments of triggering particles and odors. Vogmask tests over 95% Particle Filtering Efficiency with .3 micron mass mean diameter particles, meaning users will be protected from the majority of dust and allergen particles in the air. Because of these qualifications, Vogmask can function as both a Dust Allergy Mask and Pollen Allergy Mask.