The Importance of a well-fitting mask

March 08, 2023

The Importance of a well-fitting mask


Vogmask proper fit guarantee


What’s the difference? Qualitative and Quantitative Fit Testing

Both types of fit test are used to determine if the respirator has an adequate seal, by detecting if any air is leaking into the face piece.  Qualitative tests are pass/fail, based on the user’s sense of smell or taste.  Quantitative tests use specialized equipment to measure total inward leakage, the percentage of particles that are leaking through the seal.


Vogmask is designed as filtering face mask for sub-micron particles and is marketed for general use. Vogmask Technical File includes Quantitative Fit Testing on human test subjects to confirm filtering efficiency across a series of motions like walking, talking, walking with head side to side, and walking with head up and down, in an independent fit testing lab. Leakage of particles is measured to confirm the mask provides a good seal around nose and mouth.


The efficiency of a filtering face mask depends on a proper fit. Vogmask is offered in five sizes (XL-S) to fit a wide range of facial shapes and dimensions. If the mask you order is not a good fit, please email 


User Fit and Seal Check: