Double masking? Not necessary in Vogmask

February 11, 2021

Double masking?  Not necessary in Vogmask
The reason for the recommendation of double masking is to add a filtering layer such as a surgical mask  to a cloth mask, or, to improve the fit of a surgical mask by placing a cloth mask over it.
Because Vogmask has highly efficient filter media (N95 conforming), is tight-fitting to prevent gaps, comfortable and stays in position on face, you do not need to add a procedure (surgical) mask to supplement the filtering efficiency.
If you are wearing a Vogmask to a medical appointment or somewhere they do not know that Vogmask has a filter media inside, you may be asked to place a surgical mask over your Vogmask, which is perfectly fine and poses no safety risk. This extra layer will also keep your Vogmask outer surface clean in those environments.