Important features of a highly efficient filtering face mask

January 01, 2021

Important features of a highly efficient filtering face mask
These are the important features that determine filtering efficiency in a well-fitted face mask:
Suitable constituent materials safe for respirators (including textiles, filter media, inks and dyes, packaging) [see attached design diagrams]
Designed to facilitate correct positioning on the user and remain in place
Adequate adjustment options such as no charge wrong size replacement, head strap accessory and noseband 
No restriction of the user's field of vision
Easy breathing established by inhalation and exhalation resistance tests
Comfort as important factor in compliance
Aesthetics of product appearance on face (see attached photo)
Several designs and colors 
Encourages compliance in mask wearing
Encourages mask use in all environments
Manufacturer to supply correct donning, doffing, and noseband instructions
Product support to ensure correct size 
Practical performance testing on test subjects to determine leakage under normal activities
​3rd Party Testing on all design and engineering changes
NaCl Particle Filtering Efficiency at mean diameter .3-microns
Continuous flow rate at 85 L/min 
Quality plan in manufacturing to include Quality Checkpoints and Inbound Quality Inspection
Clear communications for consumer on reason for various particle size testing (most penetrating particle size)
Relationship of filtering efficiency to breathing resistance