Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve
Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve
Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve Small
Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve Small

Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve

Vogmask headstrap accessory

Indigo: 1 Exhale Valve


Premier Vogmask VMCV

  • VMCV FEATURES ~  Superior protection from PM .3 and 2.5 particles in air pollution and other airborne particles of mass mean diameter .3 microns. Exhalation valve facilitates the exit of moisture and CO2 from the interior of the mask. Valved masks protect the wearer of the mask from inhalation of microscopic particles. Aluminum noseband forms to seal gaps on either side of nosebridge. Trim and ear loops are made with cotton and 6% latex-free spandex.
  • SIZE GUIDE ~ Please order carefully.  If large for your height, choose next size up.
SMALL fits youth under 10 years
MEDIUM fits 10 years old to petite adult
MEDIUM+ fits smaller and shorter adults under 5'7"
LARGE fits most adults, 5'7" and taller
XL fits only very tall or large adults
  • FUNCTIONAL ~ Vogmask VMCV is a reusable filtering mask with two layers of filter media, sewn into middle of the mask, and not replaceable: a carbon filter; and highly efficient particle filter for protecting from inhaled microscopic particles including bacteria, virus, dust, pollen, shavings, mold, biologics, and contaminants in poor air quality. Exhale valve adds comfort by facilitating exit of moisture and heat from interior of mask.  


  • ECO-FRIENDLY ~ Vogmasks are reusable for 3 months to over a year depending on air quality conditions. Obsolescence date of filter media is 3 years from manufacture date, marked on back of packaging under Use By Symbol (hourglass).
  • NOTE that mask use by individuals under 8 years old requires recommendation of health provider and adult supervision.