Greek Orange Liquid Soap | Limited Edition
Greek Orange Liquid Soap | Limited Edition Small

Greek Orange Liquid Soap | Limited Edition


Greek Orange Liquid Soap | Limited Edition

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We are thrilled to announce the return of our much-loved Greek Orange Liquid Soap! In collaboration with our dear friends at Spartan Gourmet Foods, we have sourced the freshest and most vibrant Greek orange essential oil to create this exceptional soap. This limited edition item, infused with the essence of Greek oranges, is the perfect scent to embrace the spirit of summer.

Indulge in the gentle care and nourishment of our foaming liquid soap, expertly crafted with the finest ingredients. Enriched with the goodness of nourishing mango butter and avocado oil, this soap provides the ultimate hydration, leaving your hands and body irresistibly soft and moisturized. As you lather, the soap creates a luxurious and creamy foam, ensuring a delightful sensory experience with every use.

Our liquid soap is meticulously handmade with love in small batches. This attention to detail guarantees a product of exceptional quality, crafted with care and dedication. We take pride in each and every bottle, ensuring that you receive a soap that exceeds your expectations.

Experience the joy of using our Greek Orange Liquid Soap and let its invigorating scent transport you to sun-kissed Greek orchards. Allow the nourishing properties of mango butter and avocado oil to pamper your skin, leaving it velvety smooth and hydrated. With our soap handmade in small batches, you can feel the passion and love infused into every bottle.

Embrace the essence of Greece with our Greek Orange Liquid Soap and relish in the rejuvenating and uplifting experience it provides. Let the refreshing citrus aroma awaken your senses and immerse yourself in the luxurious lather of our foaming liquid soap. It's time to embark on a sensory journey and indulge in a moment of pure bliss.

Ingredients: coconut oil, avocado oil, mango oil, castor oil, distilled water, potassium hydroxide, Greek orange essential oil

Weight: 8 fl oz.