Technical Specs & Test Results


Vogmask is Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Certified, GB2626-2006 Personal Protective Equipment KN95 Certified, and AWARDED CE Mark Personal Protective Equipment - filtering half masks for particles, against EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 for EU market.  Vogmask conforms to NIOSH N99 filter efficiency as stated in 42 CFR Part 84.181.



 Vogmask excels in Quantitative and Qualitative Fit Testing across a wide variety of face shapes.


Material Specifications : Vogmask – Microfiber N99 CV

 Outer layer Faceblank of non woven microfiber
 Print design on outer layer Faceblank by thermal transfer
 Filter media of Nanofiber PP Filtering Textile middle layer
 Filter layer of Active Carbon coconut shell derived charcoal bonded to textile 
 Exhalation Valve of ABS Resin with silicone stopper
 Nosebridge of coated aluminum wire
 Trim and ear loops of latex-free spandex
 Inner layer Faceblank (comfort inner layer closest to lips) of woven microfiber
 Head harness accessory (optional) of Cotton (94%) and Polyurethane (6%)   with snaps and  tensioner bead, attaches to ear loops
Vogmask is manufactured under Three-tiered Quality Plan for consistency of finished goods.


Engineered to be the most comfortable, best fitting masks in the world.

Features a three-dimensional mask design which allows space for your lips and mouth.

The mask is secured to the face with latex free spandex, stretchable ear loops and mask trim for the most comfortable fit of any particle mask. A bendable aluminum noseband provides a secure seal over the bridge of the nose. 

Stylish shape and design for happy mask wearing.